‘Law’ ‘Order’ ‘Justice’ ‘Crime’: Disrupting key concepts through the study of colonial history

I am presenting a paper tomorrow at the Decolonisation and the Law School event being hosted by The Law School, University of Bristol.

My paper is based on an evaluation of a module I ran last year at Newman University, Birmingham –  “CRU608: Crime, Punishment and Justice in the British Empire” – in which I sought to utilise a history of the British empire to disrupt ‘common sense’ concepts that underpin the discipline of criminology.  It was also a opportunity to explore British racism and how this was used, through penal law, in the governance of colonised peoples and lands.

Really privileged to be contributing to such an important event.

For anyone interested here are the powerpoint slides I am using in my presentation tomorrow –JM Moore PowerPoint Slides – Decolonisation and the Law School

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