Abolition and Transformative Solutions

Why Penal Reform Fails Succeeds (2021)

Reading Ruth Wilson Gilmore’s Golden Gulag (2019)

Downsize, build, transform: An assessment of the Justice Matters workshops (2018)

Anarchism, Penal Law and Popular Resistance (2018) co-edited with Andrea Beckman and Azrini Wahidin

What Lies Beyond Criminal Justice: Developing transformative solutions (2016) co-authored with Rebecca Roberts

Penal Abolitionism  (2016) co-edited with Andrea Beckman and Azrini Wahidin

What about the rapists? An Abolitionist response (2016)

What are the alternatives to prison? (2015)

Beyond Criminal Justice (2014) [The book] co-edited with Bill Rolston, David Scott and Mike Tomlinson.

Beyond Criminal Justice (2014) [The book Chapter] co-authored with David Scott

It’s a long road to wisdom, but it is a short one to being ignored’- moving forward to abolition (2014) co-authored with David Scott

I would give up using criminal justice to solve social problems (2014)

Critique and Dissent (2013) co-edited with Joanna Gilmore and David Scott.

Critique and Dissent: An Introduction (2013) co-authored with Joanna Gilmore and David Scott.

The politics of dissent (2013) co-authored with Joanna Gilmore and David Scott.

The resources of critique (2013) co-authored with Joanna Gilmore and David Scott.

Towards a ‘critical, emancipatory and innovative criminology’ (2013) co-authored with Joanna Gilmore and David Scott.

Penal reform: a history of failure (2009)


Anti-Prison writings

Reading Ruth Wilson Gilmore’s Golden Gulag (2019)

Lessons from Birmingham prison’s history (2018)

Less Eligibility: Why prison reform fails (2018)

Prisons cannot be places of rehabilitation (2016)

Gove’s reforms are legitimating the pains of imprisonment (2016)

Reframing the ‘Prison Works’ debate. For whom and in what ways does prison
work? (2015)

A missed opportunity for saving lives (2015)

Deaths in custody: A critical review of Harris (2015)

Who or what is to blame for deaths in custody? (2014)

Vulnerable individuals or harmful institutions? (2014)

Can Criminal Justice be civilised? (2014)

It’s not just about profits: privatisation, social enterprise and the ‘John Lewis’ prison (2012) co-written with David Scott

The deliberate infliction of pain (2012)

Prison – more than detention? (2008)

Impressive detail but at its heart a failure to understand Prison: A critical review of the Zahid Mabarek Inquiry Report (2006)


Colonialism, Racism, Slavery and the Criminal Justice System

Prospects for a (post)colonial or (de)colonised criminology (2021)

“Law”,“order”,“justice”,“crime”: disrupting key concepts in criminology through the study of colonial history (2020)

Prisons and Surveillance (not) (2018)

Built for inequality in a diverse world: The historic origins of criminal justice (2016)

The ‘New Punitiveness’ in the context of British imperial history (2015)

Is the Empire coming home? Liberalism, exclusion and the punitiveness of the British State (2014)

Higher Education

Prospects for a (post)colonial or (de)colonised criminology (2021)

“Law”,“order”,“justice”,“crime”: disrupting key concepts in criminology through the study of colonial history (2020)

Against the TEF: For Quality Learning (2017)


Nineteenth Century Penal History

Reformation, Terror and Scandal: The 1853 Royal Commission into Abuses at Birmingham Prison (2021) in Midland History

Expansion, Crisis, and Transformation: Changing Economies of Punishment in England, 1780–1850 (2020) in Social Justice

Behind Victorian Bars (2019)

What has been ailing Britain’s prisons (2018)

Lessons from Birmingham prison’s history (2018)

Labouring out of Adversity: Maconochie, Political Economy and Penal Labour (2018)

Reformative Rhetoric and the Exercise of Corporal Power: Alexander Maconochie’s regime at Birmingham Prison, 1849-1851 (2016)

Lessons for Mr Gove from a Victorian “Reform” Prison (2016)

Alexander Maconochie’s ‘Mark System’ (2011)


Other Publications

Book Review of ‘Alienation and Freedom’ by Frantz Fanon, edited by Jean Khalfa and Robert J. C. Young, translated by Steven Corcoran (2021) in Race and Class

Book Review of ‘Loud and Proud: Passion and Politics in the English Defence League’ by Hilary Pilkington and ‘The Rise of the Right: English Nationalism and the transformation of working-class politics’ by Simon Winlow, Steve Hall and James Treadwell (2020) in Justice, Power and Resistance

Book Review of “Reinventing Punishment: A Comparative History of Criminology and Penology in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries” by Michele Pifferi (2018)

Grenfell Tower, the Criminal Justice System and the ‘Usual Suspects’ (2018) co-authored with Joanne Davis

Book Review of “Race and the Undeserving poor: From Abolition to Brexit” by Robbie Shilliam (2018)

“You have to do something”: a visit to the Kempsons in Molyvos (2018) co-authored with Andrea Beckmann and Amelie Rosa Beckmann-Cooper

Book Review of “Foucault: The Birth of Power” by Stuart Elden (2017)

Book Review of “Indigenous Criminology” by C. Cunneen and J. Tauri (2017)

Book Review of “Bastille Nation: French Penal Politics and the Punitive Turn” by Jean Bérard and Gilles Chantraine (2017)

Welcome to the European Union: Visit to Moria First Reception Centre, Moria, nr. Mytilini, Lesvos, Greece, 11th May 2014 (2014) co-authored with Ann Singleton and Tony Bunyan

Classic Text Revisited: Slavery and the Penal System (2011) in Criminal Justice Matters, Vol. 85

Book review of “Penal Abolitionism” by Ruggiero, V. (2011) in British Journal of
Criminology, Vol. 51 No. 2.