July Walking

A selections of photos from a recent walk showing off, firstly, the beauty of west Wales

and an interesting selection of animals

But also seeing the other side of a depopulated region. This farmhouse visible from the road was one of 3 abandoned homes I have come across with 30 minutes walk of home.

There is also a tendency to not throw things away. The next property to the derelict farmhouse had an impressive selection of cars left to rot in its garden (I counted 37!).

The current epidemic has for some weird reason led to me reading a lot of dystopian fiction. Seeing the abandoned buildings and rotting cars when reading C A Fletcher’s A boy and his dog telling the story of a journey across a depopulated Britain in the near future was kind of weird. Is Ceredigion the past or the future?

And seeing all those cars inspired me to finally get around to reading JG Ballard’s autobiography, Miracles of Life. Now to search out my copies of Crash and The Atrocity Exhibition.

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