What Lies Beyond Criminal Justice: Developing transformative solutions

Co-authored with Rebecca Roberts and published in Justice, Power and Resistance Foundation Volume (September 2016) pp. 115-136

Criminal justice failure has been well-documented. The traditional response to
this failure has been to seek out alternatives. However, by their very nature,
alternatives are usually conceived and positioned in relation to the failed
criminal justice interventions they seek to replace. In this paper we focus on an
initiative, Justice Matters, which seeks to provide a model, not for developing
alternatives to criminal justice failure, but instead the creation of transformative
solutions to a range of social problems. To illustrate the potential of this
approach we explore two examples: drugs and violence against women.
Central to our argument is that for nearly all social problems, solutions
already exist. But they exist beyond the boundaries of criminal justice and its
experts. By drawing on appropriate knowledge – health for drugs and feminism
for gendered violence; – aligned to a political commitment to social justice, we
argue it is possible to develop transformative solutions which can provide the
foundation for a society that lies beyond criminal justice.

The full paper can be accessed here – Moore and Roberts (2016) What lies beyond criminal justice Developing transformative solutions

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