Critical Criminology – Some introductory lectures

In 2014 I produced a series of online lectures for a final year undergraduate module I delivered on “Critical Criminology”. These lectures were intended to be introductory and to supplement the lectures I delivered in person.

Listening to them four years later I thought they had sufficient value to put them on here in case anyone is interested.

The lectures were

1. What is critical criminology? 
(approx 20 minutes but from 13.30 I talk about later lectures that were not recorded)

This was intended as a general introduction to the subject and includes an attempt to draw a distinction between those ‘critical criminologies’ which argue for the expansion of criminal justice into new areas and those which are against and seek to go beyond criminology.

2. Marx, Marxism & Criminology (approx 30 minutes)

Marx the Kantian, Marx the political economist, Marx the Victorian bourgeoisie.  Marxist Criminologists from Bonger on.

3. Conflict Theories of Crime (approx 14 minutes)

A very brief introduction which seeks to establish the links between conflict and Marxist and critical criminologies .

4. The National Deviancy Conference and the emergence of British Critical Criminology (approx 30 minutes)

This podcast gives a brief history of British criminology and the central role the National Deviancy Conference in establishing the highly popular academic discipline we know today.

5. Left Realism (approx 30 minutes)

My take on the contribution of left realism.